Friday, April 30, 2010

AF1 Bespoke By Dijon McLeish

Here is the latest AF1 Bespoke to come out of 21 Mercer. This AF1 Bespoke was designed by Dijon McLeish. Dijon mainly used denim for the upper. The use of denim is great. It's no Mayor denim Bespoke, but it is still a very well designed Bespoke. Then again, all of the denims used by Mayor were not available to the public! POW PING!

The outsole sits under a bright yellow midsole. Around the toebox and eyelets a black denim is used. The toebox and mid panel are a lighter black denim. The lighter black denim may even be the reverse side of the the black denim. The swoosh, tongue, and heel tab are an even lighter denim. Around the swoosh that same yellow from the midsole was used. Two different suedes were used to wrap the heel. The outer color is purple and the inner is yellow.

To design your own AF1 Bespoke, call or stop by 21 Mercer in NYC to schedule an appointment.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Street Gear: New Releases

Check out some new releases from Street Gear in Hempstead, NY.

For more info visit them at:

Nike Air Diamond Turf 2010 Retro

The Nike Air Diamond Turf Retro will be making it's return this Summer. The Nike Air Diamond Turf was originally released in 1993. It was Deion "Primetime" Sanders first Nike signature model. The Air Diamond Turf made it's return in the form of a retro 11 years later. Now, in 2010 we will see another retro of this classic Nike Cross Trainer.

Nike went with the OG colorway on this retro. This is the colorway Deion wore while playing for the Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Falcons. They stayed true to the OG colorway in this retro. The only difference is that Deion's "24-21" logo is replaced with a "Diamond Turf 2010" logo.

The Nike Air Diamond Turf 2010 Retro will be available in June at your local Footlocker.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Inside The Sneaker Box: 25th Anniversary Jordan Retro XI

Check out this new video from Inside The Sneaker Box. This time around they are previewing the 25th Anniversary Jordan Retro XI.

For more videos from Inside The Sneaker Box check out:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nike Air Foamposite "Cough Drop"

Everyone's favorite Nike Basketball sneaker is back. The Nike Air Foamposite already released in a couple of colorways this year. Earlier this year we saw the release of the "Coppers". Then a month later we saw the re-release of the "Eggplants". There are also rumors of a re-release of the "Royals" and the "Pearls". There is also a rumor of a new red foamposite. These are just rumors though. One thing is for sure though, a new colorway will be released this summer at House of Hoops.

This Foamposite has the same black upper as the original Foamposite. The difference is the Red Ice sole. The nickname "Cough Drop" comes from the sole. That same varsity red from the sole can be found on the Penny logo, swoosh, and the lines on the tongue.

This brand new Foamposite colorway will be released June 19th, 2010 at your local House of Hoops. These will be a House of Hoops exclusive so don't look anywhere else.

AF1 Bespoke By Don Paco Tirona

You would think that the recession is over with the amount of AF1 Bespokes coming out of 21 Mercer. Here is the latest AF1 Bespoke to come out of 21 Mercer. This Bespoke was designed by Don Paco Tirona. This Bespoke was inspired by his tennis, his favorite sport.

The tranlucent midsole sits under a neon yellow midsole. That same neon yellow can be found on swoosh and for eyelets. The yellow is used to represent the tennis ball. Around the toebox, eyelets, and heel a green suede is used. That same color green is used for laces. This green is used to represent the tennis court. A blue suede is used for toebox and midpanel. The blue is also used to represent the tennis court. Finally, he went with a black mesh tongue with a white tag with black stitching.

This is the 2nd Bespoke we've shown with an inspiration. The 1st of course being Franalations' Pikachu Bespoke. It's great to see how people use materials, color choices, and color placement when they have an inspiration. To design your own AF1 Bespoke call or stop by 21 Mercer in NYC and make an appointment.

Nike Air Max Penny 1 Retro

So many Penny Hardaway sneakers have been released in the last year and a half. Some might even think that Penny is still playing. In the past year and a half we have seen the retro releases of the the Air Penny 2 & 3, new and old colorways of the Foamposite, and a new fusion called the Penny 1/2 cent. So it is really no surprise that they are finally releasing the Air Max Penny 1.

This colorway and a Phoenix inspired colorway are set to release between January and March 2011. Stay tuned for exact dates and places to cop.

AF1 Bespoke By Ellias Vernias

Here is another great Bespoke to come out of 21 Mercer. This Bespoke was designed by Ellias Vernias. The use of materials on this Bespoke gives it a very "Premium" look. The use of colors are great too. It's good to see a Bespoke designer use a more subtle colorway sometimes.

This Bespoke is sitting on a navy blue translucent sole. A clear midsole is used with purple stitching. A dark brown premium leather is used around the toebox and eyelets. A lighter brown premium leather is used on the toebox and the midpanel. Around the heel a brown suede is used. A navy blue kevlar is used for swoosh, tongue, and heel tab. Finally, the sneaker is topped of with some navy blue laces.

If you're interested in designing your own AF1 Bespoke stop by or call 21 Mercer in NYC and make an appointment.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 4/20 From CT Kicks

Check out a few Nike SB Dunk High "Skunk" reviews. The first video is from Franalations. The second video is from Dj Delz. The third one is from Inside The Sneaker Box.

Check out Franalations at:

Check out Dj Delz at:

Check out Inside the Sneaker Box at:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Inside The Sneaker Box: Nike SB Dunk High "Huxtable"

Check out this new video from the guys at Inside The Sneaker Box. They are looking at the Nike SB Dunk High "Huxtable" that released a couple of months ago. Check out more videos from them at: and follow them @InsideTheSnkrBx.

Nike Air Max 95 "Grape"

Nike Air Max 95 fans have alot to be happy about this summer. They will see the re-release of the Air Max 95 "Comet" and "Slate" Retros and now a new colorway. This colorway appears to be directly inspired by the incredibly popular Air Jordan V "Grape" colorway. Due to the popularity of the "Grape" colorway from the Jordan V, you may be seeing this Air Max retroed for years to come.

This Air Max 95 has a white midsole sitting on top of a black outsole. Teal was used on the visible Air sole unit. The sides are made up of a white-black gradient nubuck material. There is a purple swoosh and purple tongue. That same teal from Air unit is found on logo on tongue and eyelets. These Air Max 95s is topped off with some black and white dotted laces.

These are set to release sometime this summer. Stay tuned for exact release date and places to cop.

Nike Air Flightposite II LE Navy/Black

The Nike Air Flightposite II has already been released in two colorways this year. They released in a Black/Black and a Zinc/Black colorway. Even though this sneaker was originally designed for the "Big Ticket" Kevin Garnett, his name is nowhere to be found on the sneaker. This is because of his contract with Adidas.

The Nike Air Flightposite II LE is set to release sometime this summer. Stay tuned for an exact release date and places to cop.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Franalations: Jordan Retro II BIN Review

Check out one of the latest sneaker reviews from Franalations. In this video he reviews the very limited Jordan Retro II BINs that were just released. He just put up 4 new videos. To check out the other 3 videos just put up or any of his other videos......

Check Out:

AF1 Bespoke By David Margolis

Here is the latest AF1 Bespoke to come out of 21 Mercer. This AF1 Bespoke was designed by David Margolis. He went with a Black/Red/White colorway. This Bespoke stands out because of it's use of a few stand out materials.

The outsole is a translucent clear sole. The midsole is white with red contrast stitching. The toebox is wrapped with a red and black woven material. The toebox and mid panel are a black denim. The swoosh, sock liner, tongue, and heel stripe are a red carpet/sweater material. A black patent leather is used around the heel and around the eyelets. They are topped off with some black laces.

Stay tuned for any upcoming designs to come out of 21 Mercer. If you want to design your own Bespoke or NikeiD check out Nike Sportswear @ 21 Mercer in NYC.

Friday, April 16, 2010

SN'EADS by REE "The Camp-Out"

Check Out the latest episode of SN'EADS by REE. If you want more SN'EADS you can check out SN'EADS' creator and more of his work at You can also follow SN'EADS @SneadsByRee.

Air Jordan Retro IX "Citrus"

This year Jordan Brand is mainly releasing Retro VIs and IXs. This will be the third Retro IX to be shown in the past week. First, we previewed the BIN 23 to be released soon. Then, we showed the University Blue to released on 5/29. Now, we are previewing the Retro IX Black/Citrus/White which is set to release this summer. The "Citrus" and BIN 23 are both brand new colorway ideas. Some like new colorways and other just want classics re-released. That is why many people aren't very excited about this summer release.

This sneaker has very basic color placement. The outsole is white with a citrus Jumpman logo. The midsole is mainly black with a small area of white with the citrus Jumpman logo again. The whole upper is black. That citrus color can also be found on tongue, the "23" stitched into heel and logo just above "23".

This Retro IX hits retail on July 3rd. You will be able to find it at almost all Jordan Brand accounts. Foot Locker and House of Hoops will have them for sure though.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nike SB Dunk Low "Marvin The Martian"

This month we will see the release of two themed SBs. On April 20th we will see the release of the "Skunk Dunk" SB Dunk High. The "Skunk Dunk" is one of the most original SBs to come out of Nike in a long time. The "Marvin The Martian" SBs are also set to release this month. It is no surprise that with the release of the "Skunk Dunk" SBs this month, that the "Marvin The Martians" aren't being hyped up at all.

The "Marvin The Martian" SB gets it name from the Looney Tunes character Marvin The Martain. The sneaker has a red outsole and a white midsole. The upper is made up of a black perforated leather. Around that leather is a green suede. The swoosh, heel tab, and sock liner are a gold crater print. They come with white and red laces.

They are available at select Nike SB retailers now. Enclave New Haven should be getting them soon. Check out Enclave at:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Inside The Sneaker Box: Larry Perkins SB Dunk Low

Check out this new video from:

Air Jordan IX Retro White/University Blue: Release Info

The Air Jordan IX Retro is coming out in a couple of new colorways this year. They are coming out with the BIN 23 colorway and this OG colorway shown above. Alot of people are calling this the "Powder Blue" Retro. This Retro is very close to the 1993 Jordan IX release, but is not the same.

The differences between this IX Retro and the original 1993 release are minor. The main difference is the Retro's use of University Blue instead of Powder Blue. Another difference is the "23" stitched into the heel. The original IX did not have "23". The last difference is the black Jumpman logo on the bottom. The original had a matching powder blue logo.

This Air Jordan IX Retro is set to release on 5/29 at Footlocker, House of Hoops, and other Jordan Brand accounts. Stay tuned for specific local spots to cop.

Franalations Nike SB Video 64

Here is Franalations' 64th Nike SB video. He is looking at 3 SBs from 3yrs ago that he hasn't done videos on yet.

Check out the rest of Franalations' videos at:

Sneaker Friends 2010

AF1 Bespoke By Ramon Cerda

Here is another great AF1 Bespoke out of 21 Mercer. This AF1 Bespoke was done by Ramon Cerda. He used just the right amount of materials and colors to make a unique sneaker without going crazy. Alot of times the use of too many colors and materials make the sneaker look like a terrible mess. People do this because they want to get their $820 worth. Really, the ability to design every detail of an AF1 is getting your money's worth.

Ramon went with the classic gum bottom on this Bespoke. There is a white midsole with AIR logo in pink. The toebox is a shiny silver leather material. That same silver leather is used on the midpanel. Around the toebox and eyelets a teal suede is used. That same teal suede is used for heel tab with NIKE stitched in tan. Tan is also used for laces and sock liner. Around the heel he used a grey suede. The swoosh is two layers. The first layer of the swoosh is a white and pink safari print. The top layer of the swoosh is white. Finally, the tongue is pink with a white and pink safari NIKE tag.

Keep checking the blog for all other Bespokes to come out of 21 Mercer. If you want to make your own though, just stop by 21 Mercer in NYC. Appointments are required for Bespokes.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Nike Zoom Kobe V "Photo Blue"

This year saw the release of a million different Zoom Kobe V colorways. We saw everthing from Bruce Lee inspired colorways to Batman and Joker inspired colorways. Some of the best sneaker colorways of this year came out on Zoom Kobe Vs. So its no surprise that Nike was able to put out yet another amazing colorway.

This time around Nike used what they are calling "Photo Blue" as the primary color used in the colorway. That photo blue color is used throughout the whole upper. They added some great contrast with the black midsole. They used white for the swoosh and outsole. This will be the 1st Kobe V to be a GR that doesn't use a Lakers colorway.

This Kobe V is set to release sometime in July. It will be a GR so it should be everywhere. Stay tuned though for exact release date and places to cop.